Consulting Services

Update: As of September 24, 2012 Mixtape Communications & Zan McColloch-Lussier are taking a hiatus from consulting directly with nonprofits & foundations. Find out more in this blog post. 


Do you need customized communications and social media strategies for your organization? That’s just what we do!

Every project we work on is unique and tailored to your organization’s specific needs and goals. From building  custom social media plans for your existing events to tightening your messaging so it drives people to action.  Let us create the right mix of effective communications practices with emerging trends and technology for your non profit or foundation.

What types of projects might you hire Mixtape Communications for?

The Times They Are A-Changin’ – You keep hearing all this buzz about social media and Facebook and Twitter and blogging. You know that you will have to adapt and utilize these tools for your mission, but how and why? And what the heck is Twitter anyhow? Mixtape Communications can answer your questions and show you how other nonprofits and foundations are using these new tools to enhance their work. Let us get you up to speed and help you determine your organization’s social media goals and opportunities.

Who Are You (Who,Who,Who,Who) - Social media and its expectations make it even more essential that we know who we are, what we are trying to communicate and with whom. Let us help you get your fundamentals in top shape, so your message can be crisp and engagement happens.

Ch-ch-ch-changes – Is your organization ready to make a leap? You’ve been communicating well with your audiences, they are responding and now you are ready to go to the next level. Mixtape Communications is continually scouring the internet and beyond to find the most innovative and effective models and we’d love to share those with you. Invite Mixtape in to meet with your leadership and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish and propose a few ideas. If you like them, then let’s work together.

Intrigued? Do you have an idea, problem or question you want to talk over? We are always happy to meet with you for an hour, free of charge.

Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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