ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Stop asking about retention & education – #IceBucketChallenge

If the ALS Association had sent out a direct mail piece that did half as well as the Ice Bucket Challenge, it would be the talk of the fundraising world. And yet the refrain from the nonprofit world that I keep hearing is: “Yeah, but do people really know what ASL is?” “Are they going [...]


In and Out of Love with Facebook

How could one social media channel drive me from anger to hope in a mere hours? I started out a recent morning perusing the latest news and thoughts about how to use Facebook to inspire people to take actions, such as donate, volunteer or speak up, and I was instantly angry.  See, I came across this well [...]

Nonprofits on Twitter Shine During Super Bowl Blackout

The sweet spot of marketing is matching your organization’s message with what your audience cares about or is experiencing. Today’s Super Bowl blackout took this to a whole new level, with brands & nonprofits tweeting about their product or mission as it related to a power failure witnessed by millions. Take this tweet from Global Giving, using [...]